2009 NEWS

10/01/09: “ESOPUS 13 CD: NOSTRADAMUS” OUT NOV. 1st

Esopus invited 11 musical acts, including Frightened Rabbit, Natureboy, and Phil Kline, to turn the predictions of the 16th-century astrologer into songs.

9/18/09: Esopus 13 Now On Newsstands

The 13th issue of Esopus, featuring artists’ projects by Oliver Herring and Peter Krashes, Mickey Smith, and Alex Masket, is available on newsstands.

6/25/09: Esopus Space opens with Michael Iskowitz Exhibition

A new exhibition and performance venue in New York’s Greenwich Village launches with an exhibition by a contributor to Esopus 12.

5/01/09: Esopus 12: Black and White Now On Newsstands

For its 12th issue, Esopus publishes in only black ink. The issue features artists' projects by Michael Iskowitz, James Pyman, and Fiona Banner and is now available on newsstands.

4/09/09: ESOPUS 12 CD goes black and white

Eleven musical acts, from Sam Amidon to Ruby Suns, select a black-and-white film to serve as the basis for a new song.


Esopus 24 launch at the New York Publc Library on May 9, 2017