Nat Meade’s Punch Launch at Picture Room

December 12, 2019

The Esopus Foundation Ltd. celebrated the launch of Punch, a limited-edition multiple by the Brooklyn-based artist Nat Meadeat Picture Room on Thursday, December 12th, from 6 to 8pm.

Punch, available in an edition of 13, incorporates a wooden cigar box containing one signed casein-on-paper original artwork by Meade along with 14 giclée prints of other works by the artist printed on hand-trimmed archival rag paper to approximate the look and feel of the originals. These images are accompanied by “Flower Duet,” a personal essay by Ames Varos written especially for the edition (and also signed by the author) in the form of a 16-page foil-stamped chapbook. 


Meade's hypnotic, stylized portraits of "manly" archetypes and Varos's profoundly moving essay about a catastrophic accident that irrevocably changed his relationship to his body and his identity offer unique perspectives on masculinity in a moment when the social construction of gender is under examination. As Meade mentioned in a recent interview, “Perceptions and expectations around being a guy are changing. I wonder what a male archetype is at this point. So much of the male image was, at one time, tied to occupation and region; that seems to be fading and now there is this element of self-invention and artifice.” 

At the event, copies of the edition were available for purchase (in the form of a $1,000 donation to the Esopus Foundation, $500 of which is tax-deductible). The launch also featured an exhibition of the edition’s original artworks along with other related works by Meade, who was in attendance.