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Page from “Marwencol On My Mind”    (Photograph © Mark Hogancamp)

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Esopus 5 (Fall 2005)
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Marwencol On My Mind

By Mark Hogancamp

In April 2000, Mark Hogancamp was brutally attacked by five men in a Kingston, NY, parking lot. When he emerged from a coma nine days later, he could barely speak, eat, or walk due to brain damage. To help regain his physical and cognitive abilities, he decided to build by hand a fictional town in his backyard, then populate it with dolls standing in for himself, his friends and his family. We feature Hogancamp’s extraordinary photos of the town and its inhabitants here for the first time.

A carpenter, ex-navyman, and former showroom designer, Mark Hogancamp is an artist based in Kingston, NY. He is the subject of the award-winning documentary Marwencol (2010), directed by Esopus subscriber Jeff Malmberg.