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Cover of first booklet of Esopus 20: Special Collections

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Esopus 20 (Fall 2013)
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Editor's Note

By Tod Lippy

With this 20th issue of Esopus, we celebrate our 10th anniversary. We couldn’t think of a better way to commemorate this milestone than by producing a special issue filled with archival material. To us, archives reflect a purity of purpose—on the part of both those who originally crafted their contents and those who have since collected and cared for them—that perfectly complements our mission over the past decade: to present unfiltered perspectives on creative expression in all of its forms.

Many of the items reproduced on the following pages have never been viewed by the public. In fact, quite a few were never intended to be seen at all. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has spent the past eight years jotting down countless notes—on the backs of envelopes, hotel stationery, and anything else in reach when an idea strikes him—that have since been incorporated into his award-winning TV series. Reproduced here for the first time, they represent successful attempts to capture, in Weiner’s words, “the fleeting thought that turns out to be inspiration.”