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Robert Motherwell’s Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. 1, 1948.
Photographic Archives
From the Museum of Modern Art Archives, NY

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Esopus 21 (Spring 2014)

Modern Artifacts 14: Imagining Possibilities

Introduction by Michelle Elligott

Unearthed manuscripts by Erik Satie, Robert Motherwell, Piet Mondrian, and others—originally destined to appear in a never-published second issue of the influential postwar art journal Possibilities (edited by Motherwell and Harold Rosenberg)—comprise this issue's installment of "Modern Artifacts," the acclaimed series Esopus regularly copresents with the Museum of Modern Art Archives. 

Michelle Elligott is Chief Archivist at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Elligott coedited Art in Our Time: A Chronicle of the Museum of Modern Art, cocurated MoMA’s “1969” exhibition, and has published and lectured widely.