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Cover of Esopus 24

ESOPUS 24 (Spring 2017)

Editor’s Note

“No Boundaries,” the buoyant track by Actual Magic on this issue’s Pioneer Sessions audio compilation CD, neatly sums up the underlying theme of Esopus 24. Much of the content in these pages concerns itself with boundaries—between countries, cultures, languages, genders, and more—and in many cases, with using creativity as a way to breach them.

This active border crossing (if not border erasing) not only offers a hopeful alternative to the disconcerting political tribalism currently afflicting the world, it handily reflects the goals of Esopus: to desegregate creative disciplines, to push beyond the typical constraints of traditional printing, and to close the gap between contributors and audience.

For all of that to happen, every issue of Esopus requires our readers to engage directly with—and in many instances, manipulate or even complete—much of its content, even it if means altering or destroying the issue’s form in the process.