Since the incorporation of the Esopus Foundation Ltd. in 2003, we have asked contemporary artists to create limited editions that we offer in exchange for donations. Revenue from these artworks allows us to continue our mission of providing an unmediated, accessible forum for artists and the general public.

These limited editions are not for sale; therefore, a portion of their value is tax-deductible per the Internal Revenue Code. Donors will receive an email receipt for their records.



“Make-ready” is a term that describes the process of preparing a press for printing. It also defines the waste-paper stock that passes through the press before color, registration, and ink density are adjusted and approved by the press operators. To conserve paper, printed sheets of make-ready from earlier runs are often fed into the press until the next form’s settings are correct, resulting in the arbitrary superimposition of disparate images on these sheets.

Esopus 23 Make-Ready consists of 75 16-page saddle-stitched booklets. Each contains one "imposed" (folded) unique make-ready sheet collected from the press run of Esopus 23 in the spring of 2016 at the Prolific Group in Winnipeg, Canada. Each book is not only a fascinating artifact from the sheet-fed printing process; it is a visually arresting collage created by the pressmen themselves.