Since the incorporation of the Esopus Foundation Ltd. in 2003, we have asked contemporary artists to create limited editions that we offer in exchange for donations. Revenue from these artworks allows us to continue our mission of providing an unmediated, accessible forum for artists and the general public.

These limited editions are not for sale, and therefore a portion of their value is tax-deductible, in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code. You will receive an email receipt or your records, and your donation will be noted both on our website and in the subsequent issue of Esopus.



This limited-edition archival print from a photograph by the legendary Inge Morath (1923–2002) features an unforgettable image from Morath's "Bal d'hiver" series—a suite of photographs Morath took at a Paris charity ball in 1955—which was published for the first time in Esopus 17

Photographer Inge Morath was born in Graz, Austria, in 1923. After working as a translator, journalist, and photo editor, she began taking photographs in 1951, and in 1955, she was invited to join the photographic cooperative Magnum Photos. In the years that followed, Morath worked around the world photographing stories for magazines such as Vogue, Holiday, and Paris Match. Her output also included production stills for motion pictures and the theater, as well as an iconic series of portraits of subjects ranging from Louise Bourgeois to Philip Roth, who called her “the most engaging, sprightly, seemingly harmless voyeur I know.” Morath ultimately published more than 30 monographs of her work. After her marriage to playwright Arthur Miller—who she met working as a set photographer on The Misfits—in 1962, Morath settled in New York and Connecticut and continued working until her death from cancer in 2002. She is the subject of Copyright by Inge Morath, a 1998 documentary by Sabine Eckhard.