Relevant Tones: Working

March 29, 2024

Published 50 years ago this year, Studs Terkel’s seminal book Working is, then and now, a compelling look into the world of jobs and the people who do them.

To kick off our second year of collaboration with Access Contemporary Music (ACM) we celebrated this landmark at New York City's Symphony Space with a unique evening of new music inspired by Terkel's book alongside a fascinating conversation about how work has changed since his time—and where it might be going next.

Musical guests included the groundbreaking composer, conductor and saxophonist John Zorn, Esopus contributor Alicia Walter, and multiple Grammy-nominated Black Oak Ensemble premiering four new pieces written just for the evening. 

Celebrated authors Anna Tavis (Humans at Work) and Erik Loomis (A History of America in Ten Strikes) spoke with hosts Seth Boustead and Tod Lippy in between musical performances.

With thanks to the Estate of Studs Terkel and the New Press.