"Drawing Set" exhibition at the Jefferson Market Library

September 5, 2017

Drawing Set opened at the New York Public Library's Jefferson Market Branch on Tuesday, September 5th; the exhibition was installed in several areas of the Library's Little Underground Gallery and ran through October 7th. 

For his "Drawing Set" artist's project in Esopus 24, Marco Maggi created a removable sheet of tiny custom decals alongside a sheet of blank paper (cyan, magenta, or yellow, depending on the issue) and invited Esopus readers to fashion artworks from these two elements. Esopus received nearly 80 submissions from a wide range of its readers, including artists Marilyn Minter, Kerry James Marshall, Thomas Nozkowski, Ellen Berkenblit, Paulo Bruscky and Liliana Porter; screenwriters Joan Tewkesbury (Nashville) and Hampton Fancher (Blade Runner); poet Chantal Bizzini; architect Michael Arad (the 9/11 Memorial); and dozens of other subscribers, contributors, and colleagues. These remarkable artworks perfectly embody the Esopus Foundation's mission of breaking down barriers between creative disciplines—not to mention erasing those between artists and the general public.

This exhibition was part of an ongoing partnership between Esopus and the New York Public Library.