Since the incorporation of the Esopus Foundation Ltd. in 2003, we have asked contemporary artists to create limited editions that we offer in exchange for donations. Revenue from these artworks allows us to continue our mission of providing an unmediated, accessible forum for artists and the general public.

These limited editions are not for sale; therefore, a portion of their value is tax-deductible per the Internal Revenue Code. Donors will receive an email receipt for their records.



Our Fall 2014 edition featured six stunning recent images (reproduced as full-color 27 x 36" posters) by Mark Hogancamp and a booklet packaged in a custom-designed slipcase.

Nearly a decade ago, Esopus debuted Hogancamp’s photographs of Marwencol, the imaginary town he built to 1/6th scale in his backyard to help recover—emotionally and physically—from a brutal attack that left him with significant brain damage. Hogancamp populated the town with Barbie dolls and military figurines representing himself, his friends, and even his attackers. He began documenting their activities through striking photographs. Esopus subscriber Jeff Malmberg was inspired enough by the piece to make the acclaimed 2010 documentary Marwencol, which brought Hogancamp’s fascinating story to a wider audience. That audience expanded further with the release of the 2018 film Welcome to Marwen by Oscar-winning director Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Cast Away), centering on Hogancamp’s life and work and starring Steve Carell.

Hogancamp has continued to photograph Marwencol. The images featured in the Esopus edition, which depict a number of the town’s female inhabitants—ranging from Hogancamp’s mother, Edda, to the “Belgian Goddess of Youth” Deja Vu—represent some of his strongest, most beautiful work to date, and exhibit his “uncanny feel for body language, psychology, and stage direction” (Jerry Saltz, The Village Voice).

In conjunction with the release of the edition, Esopus co-presented an exhibition of Hogancamp’s work at Pioneer Works Center for Arts and Innovation in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The exhibition, Women of Marwencol, featured large-scale prints of the images reproduced in the Esopus edition along with other photographs curated by Janet Hicks, director of One Mile Gallery in Kingston, New York. The images include early works documenting the origins of the town as well as brand-new photographs by Hogancamp featuring life-size mannequins. The exhibition ran from November 7 to December 13, 2014. Pioneer Works also presented a screening of the Marwencol documentary on November 15, 2014, at 7pm, which included a reception with Hogancamp in attendance.

A carpenter, ex-navy man, and former showroom designer, Mark Hogancamp is an artist based in Kingston, NY. His work was first shown to the public in Esopus 5 and reached a broader audience with Esopus subscriber Jeff Malmberg's award-winning 2010 documentary MarwencolHogancamp has been featured in many one-person exhibitions, including three curated by Esopus editor Tod Lippy at White Columns, NY (2006), Esopus Space, NY (2010), and Pioneer Works, Brooklyn (2014). A feature film about Hogancamp starring Steve Carell and directed by Robert Zemeckis was released in the fall of 2018.