"Drawing Set" Workshop at Nasher Sculpture Center

November 6, 2017

Esopus editor Tod Lippy visited Dallas on Monday, November 6th, for a "Drawing Set Workshop" at the Nasher Sculpture Center, which is currently hosting an exhibition about Esopus (which runs through February 4, 2018). For the workshop, participants had the opportunity to create their own artworks from extra copies of Maggi’s "Drawing Set" artist’s project in Esopus 24 (which already inspired an exhibition of reader artworks here in New York). The event was free and open to the public, and also included a mesmerizing live performance by musician Jake Shrock.

Check out the video (right), made by Josh Blankfield and featuring artist Naomi Langer, showing the process behind the creation of the Clarence Ward Art Library's artwork inspired by Maggi's project.