Esopus 22: Medicine previewed in podcast

February 2, 2015

The Esopus Foundation just created a sneak-preview podcast related to Esopus 22: Medicine featuring interviews with three of its more than 60 contributors: Interior designer Thomas Juncher Jensen, who has produced renderings of “the perfect waiting room” for the issue based on subscribers’ suggestions; acclaimed contemporary artist Melissa Meyer, who created a series of collages incorporating pages from her dentist-father’s 1968 book on headgear orthodontia; and Anne Watts, the founder and lead singer of Baltimore-based band Boister, who contributed a track for Esopus 22’s themed CD, featuring songs inspired by bodily organs. The podcast closes with Watts’s demo version of Boister's song, called ”Mr. Spleen.“ 


Esopus 22: Medicine can currently be pre-ordered at our web store and is also available (at a significant discount) as a part of a regular or premium subscription to Esopus