Guarded Opinions 9
Commentary by Ryan Scails and Tessa Rosenstein; series edited by Paul VanDeCarr

Insights on artworks by two attendants from the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

Guarded Opinions 8
Commentary by Marianna Pombrik

A Brooklyn Museum guard talks about three artworks in the institution's collection.

Guarded Opinions 7
Commentary by Joseph Klimczak Jr. and Fantasia Turner

Two Barnes Foundation guards discuss artworks they oversee.

Guarded Opinions 6
By Greg Jones and Roman Alokhin

Two guards from the New Orleans Museum of Art comment on artworks at the museum.

Guarded Opinions 5
By Casey Costa and Robert Canedy; edited by Paul VanDeCarr

Two museum guards comment on the works they oversee at MASS MoCA.

Guarded Opinions 4
By La’Quasia Risper; edited by Paul VanDeCarr

A guard from the New Museum offers her impressions of an Urs Fischer sculpture from 2001.

Guarded Opinions 3
By Berhanu Taffa; edited by Paul VanDeCarr

A guard at the Corcoran Gallery of Art provides commentary on a Monet landscape.

Guarded Opinions 2
By Wendy Iraheta and Ruben Green; edited by Paul VanDeCarr

Hammer Museum guards offer critical perspectives on works by Moreau and Degas.

Guarded Opinions 1
By Niko Fruechting; edited by Paul VanDeCarr

A museum guard’s unique take on a German minimalist’s painting at the Fogg Art Museum