Guarded Opinions 9


“Kids and adults all have a strong reaction to this piece. A lot of them are just amazed. They ask questions about the logistics, like “Do they cook?” or “Who empties the toilet?” and they wonder out loud about whether they could manage it themselves. Aldrich is in Ridgefield, which has some big, lavish homes, so the questions that this piece pose are about how can you make do with less, and how you cooperate in a domestic setting. Some visitors say they just couldn’t do it.”—Ryan Scails

For the 9th installment of our long-running series edited by Paul VanDeCarr, we invited Ryan Scails and Tessa Rosenstein, two attendants from the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, to provide commentary on works from two recent exhibitions. 

Tessa Rosenstein, who recently received an M.Sc. from the University of Edinburgh, is currently a gallery attendant at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.

Hailing from Bethel, Connecticut, artist Ryan Scails is a gallery attendant at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.

Paul VanDeCarr is a nonprofit writer, editor, and trainer; an arts writer; puppetry presenter; and maker of video and audio projects. He lives in New York City, and is online at