Studio Visit: Randy S. Jones


“We live in a very commercial world, but if we focused more on the arts—not just fine arts, but performing arts and all the other arts—then I think we would have a much more peaceful world. Of course, in our schools it’s just a sideline sort of a thing; it’s not a part of the important curriculum, at least in the schools that I’m familiar with. But it should be. It’s just a part of us. It’s everywhere. It’s in your machinery, it’s in the design of cars, books—everything is really about art.”—Randy S. Jones

For more than three decades, retired attorney Randy S. Jones has been diligently at work in the confines of his house on hundreds of boldly rendered abstract paintings that virtually no one has ever seen. Jones happens to live across the street from David Naugle, who, when he was living in Upstate New York more than a decade ago, introduced us to the stunning photographs of his neighbor Mark Hogancamp, which we published in Esopus 5. Thanks to Naugle’s endless curiosity and enthusiasm—and his willingness to share his discoveries with Esopus—we once again have the pleasure of introducing our readers to the work of an artist for whom public recognition is long overdue.

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Randy S. Jones is an artist and retired lawyer who resides in Decatur, Georgia.

Atlanta-based artist, documentarian, and founder of R&D Studios David Naugle has worked as a still photographer, director, and editor for global brands such as Patagonia, the Coca-Cola Company, Samsung Mobile US, and Alternative Apparel.