Subscriber Invitational 8: Local News
Treatments by Hampton Fancher

A screenwriter crafts movie treatments based on subscribers’ submissions.

Subscriber Invitational 6: The Perfect Waiting Room
Drawings by Thomas Juncher Jensen

Readers’ recommendations inspire evocative renderings.

Subscriber Invitational 7: Picturing Illness

Biomedical visualization students depict subscribers’ subjective descriptions of recent ailments.

Subscriber Invitational 5: Irrational Fears

We invited readers to share their darkest, most disturbing phobias, and musicians turned them into songs.

Subscriber Invitational 3: Dreams
Edited by Mike Powell; artwork by Daniel Gordon

We asked subscribers to supply dreams as source material for the tracks on this issue’s CD.

Subscriber Invitational 1: Imaginary Friends
Illustrations by Yvetta Federova

For our first invitational, we asked subscribers to describe their childhood imaginary friends.