Subscriber Invitational 6: The Perfect Waiting Room


Most of us have spent far too much time waiting to see doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals in uninspired, even oppressive, spaces. These visits are usually stressful in the first place; why should patients have to pass the minutes—or hours—leading up to them in an environment that only compounds their anxiety?

Last fall, we invited Esopus subscribers to send us descriptions of their ideal waiting room, which we then asked interior designer Thomas Juncher Jensen to visualize in a series of renderings. Not surprisingly, our always creative readers hit a collective home run, offering a range of clever, incisive—and, at times, amusing—recommendations. The resulting space raises the tantalizing possibility of making a regular visit to the doctor something to look forward to—at least while you’re waiting to be seen.

Read all subscribers' suggestions for the perfect waiting room here.

Originally from Denmark, interior designer Thomas Juncher Jensen attended Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole in Copenhagen. He founded New York-based interior- and furniture-design studio JIDK, with clients including BuzzFeed, Phaidon Press, and the Ellison Medical Foundation.