Artist’s Project: Ted Barker

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“This work is about finding a way to document the objects that define the intermediate.”—Ted Barker

In legacy, Winnipeg-based artist Ted Barker mines his personal history to create meticulously rendered drawings of objects, family photographs, and other artworks. 

Ted Barker is a visual artist born and currently based in Winnipeg, Canada. His work, although multidisciplinary, is centered on drawing, which he treats as a meditative and introspective research practice around family history and memory. Represented by Galerie Laroche/Joncas in Montreal and Lisa Kehler Art+Projects in Winnipeg, Barker has exhibited work across Canada and the United States. He has received grants from the Manitoba Arts Council (2018), the Canada Council for the Arts (2014), and the Winnipeg Arts Council (2010). He was awarded the Tania Asper Memorial Prize for Excellence in Painting from the University of Manitoba in 2007.