Tiny Book of Smokes


In the early ’70s, David Greenberger decided to document the smoking habits of his friends by keeping several notebooks which he he would ask them to “sign” with their lighted cigarettes. Next to each hole, Greenberger would record the smoker’s name, the date, the time, and the tobacco brand. As he puts it in his introduction, “These little books are about who I was spending time with, that’s all.”

David Greenberger began self-publishing The Duplex Planet in 1979. The influential ’zine, which features his conversations with the elderly on various topics, has inspired numerous books, concerts, radio programs, and recordings. From 1996–2009, his commentaries aired regularly on NPR’s “All Things Considered.” He has collaborated on projects with comics artist Daniel Clowes, musician Robyn Hitchcock, and others. Greenberger lives in Greenwich, NY.