New Voices: “Painting”


“For the first coat of paint she doesn’t follow any particular pattern. She takes the brush, heavy with white paint, and runs the length of the wall, creating figure eights, stripes, sometimes painting smiley faces or lightning bolts. Soon, one layer of paint has covered the wall, running over itself, dripping, and just barely covering the purple.”

Periodically, Esopus introduces the work of never-before-published young writers in our “New Voices” series. This first offering from Lev AC Rosen, a recent graduate of Oberlin College, ponders the relationship between art and family, friendship and love, past and present, in layers of white and purple.

Lev AC Rosen is an author whose books include All Men of Genius (Tor Books, 2011), Depth (Regan Arts, 2015), Jack of Hearts (and Other Parts) (Little, Brown, 2018), Lavender House (Forge Books, 2022), and Lion's Legacy (Union Square & Co., 2023). His acclaimed young-adult novel Camp (Little, Brown, 2020) has been adapted for an HBO Max film directed by Billy Porter. Rosen lives in New York City with his husband.