New Voices: “The Pepsi”


“I made my way to the refrigerator, which was humming, and carefully shifted some boxes so I could open it. The temperature had been turned down as low as possible, and I flinched at the plume of cold air that escaped. The refrigerator was filled with blue jays sealed in ziplock bags, dull and frozen solid, stacked in neat rows. I closed the door quickly.”

This gripping piece of new fiction by a never-before-published author explores the duties—and costs—involved in maintaining a childhood friendship.

Rick Stinson received his B.A. in Fiction from Bennington College and is an editor at Area 23. He was the Prepress Editorial Lead at Oxford University Press for over eight years. Stinson, who has worked as a freelance writer and copy editor, was Editor-in-Chief of the music blog The Little Black Egg.