Artist’s Project: Jenny Holzer


Jenny Holzer's text-based artwork has appeared on everything from Times Square billboards to the spiral balconies of the Guggenheim Museum. “Memoranda,” her project for this issue of Esopus, incorporates photochromatic ink to offer readers an active role in bringing newly declassified government documents to the light of day.


Jenny Holzer’s artwork has been featured in one-person exhibitions at New York’s Guggenheim Museum and Dia Center for the Arts, London’s Institute of Contemporary Art, and the 1990 Venice Biennale (where her American Pavilion installation won the Leone d’Oro award). Holzer’s text-based art has been displayed on electronic signs, movie marquees, posters, and T-shirts; printed in books, magazines, and newspapers; carved in sandstone benches, marble floors, and granite sarcophagi; and projected onto facades, walls, water, and mountainsides by laser or xenon. Holzer has received numerous awards, including the Art Institute of Chicago’s Blair Award (1982), the Skowhegan Medal for Installation (1994), the Crystal Award from the World Economic Forum (1996), the Berlin Prize Fellowship (2000), the Order of Arts and Letters Diploma of Chevalier (2002), the Distinguished Women in the Arts Award from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (2010), and the Barnard Medal of Distinction (2011). The artist lives and works in Hoosick, NY.