New Voices: “Good Friends”


“Well, I’m pregnant. My breasts are tender and my stomach is in turmoil: I should have known. I call my boyfriend, my underwear still hooked around my ankles; I trip, pacing. I give him the facts. I’m sorry, he says, and then goes quiet. I’m impatient; I say something like, So, do you know where we can get a good crib? I listen to him gasp for breath and then remember that’s just how he laughs.”

Tenth in our series of fiction by never-before-published authors.

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Victory Matsui is an editor at One World, a publisher of works of fiction and nonfiction, including titles by Thi Bui, Anelise Chen, Mira Jacob, Riva Lehrer, Jordy Rosenberg, and Maurice Carlos Ruffin. Matsui cofacilitates the People of Color Sangha at the Brooklyn Zen Center and is a founding member of Yellow Brown Power Hour, a radical Asian American performance group and hot pot club.