Artist’s Project: Judy Pfaff
By Judy Pfaff

This stunning, 6-foot-long double foldout utilizes hundreds of the artist’s photographs.

Artist’s Project: Kerry James Marshall
By Kerry James Marshall

A comic strip whose subjects include theory, culture, history, and the “Black Metropolis”

Artist’s Project: John O’Connor
By John O’Connor

The artist color-coded grids created by his landlord to predict winning lottery numbers.

Artist’s Project: Suzanne Bocanegra
By Suzanne Bocanegra

31 artists are invited to reimagine recipe cards as miniature in-home performances.

Artist’s Project: Jared Flood
By Jared Flood

For “Esprit de Corpse,” multiple artists worked individually to knit a single garment.

Artist’s Project: Erica Allen
By Erica Allen

Manipulated barbershop posters and discarded photographs create resonant portraits of masculinity.

Artist’s Project: Fernando Santangelo
By Fernando Santangelo

In “Egypt,” a picture story told with Tarot-like images, two children embark upon an Egyptian adventure.

Artist’s Project: Juri Morioka
By Juri Morioka

The artist maps her surroundings with whimsical drawings.

Artist’s Project: John Baldessari
By John Baldessari

“Foot and Stocking Series,” a series based on a 1965 painting by the artist

Artists’ Project: Oliver Herring and Peter Krashes
By Oliver Herring and Peter Krashes

A conversation between artworks created by two artists over the past several decades

Artist’s Project: Mickey Smith
By Mickey Smith

“Untitled” (2009): Selections from the artist’s “Volume” series

Artist’s Project: Jeff Gibson
By Jeff Gibson

“Encyclopaedia Pareidolia,” 2009

Artist’s Project: Michael Iskowitz
By Michael Iskowitz

“A Doll House Society” (removable 24-page book)

Artist’s Project: Fiona Banner
By Fiona Banner

“Top Gun, 2004” transcribes the entire Tony Scott film on a removable poster

Artist’s Project: Jason Polan
By Jason Polan

An artist draws over 100 of Esopus readers’ favorite things in New York City for our 4th Subscriber Invitational

Artist’s Project: Darina Karpov
By Darina Karpov

Selections from the 2008 watercolor suite “Sudden Appearances into Vanishing”

Artist’s Project: Robert Therrien
By Robert Therrien

Images of the artist’s sculpture No Title (Red Room)—and a detailed inventory of its contents

Artist’s Project: Berend Strik
By Berend Strik

“Untitled,” 2008 (removable hand-stitched insert)

Artist’s Project: Yvonne Jacquette
By Yvonne Jacquette

Sixteen fragments from 25 years’ worth of printmaking

Artist’s Project: Dulce Pinzón
By Dulce Pinzón

“The Real Story of the Superheroes” tells the inspiring tales of NYC immigrants.

Artist’s Project: Sarah Malakoff
By Sarah Malakoff

“Untitled Interiors,” vivid images of domestic spaces

Artist’s Project: Charlie White
By Charlie White

“American Blondes 2005”: What don’t these magazine covers have in common?

Artist’s Project: Kay Rosen
By Kay Rosen

“ABC, a Primer” (removable 32-page booklet)

Artist’s Project: Neil Goldberg
By Neil Goldberg

“Missing the Train” documents a frustrating experience common to every NYC straphanger.

Artist’s Project: Allen Ruppersberg
By Allen Ruppersberg

“House of Cards” (10 removable inserts)

Artist’s Project: Gareth Jones
By Gareth Jones

“Ten Kitchens” from the London-based artist

Artist’s Project: Kira Lynn Harris
By Kira Lynn Harris

“Eight Chance Variations Within a Fixed Structure” (removable inserts)

Artist Project: Alex Katz and Vincent Katz
By Alex Katz and Vincent Katz

“Autographs,” a collaboration between painter and poet, father and son

Artist’s Project: Frank Benson
By Frank Benson

“Flag 2006,” a removable poster from the New York–based artist

Artist’s Project: Sylvia Plimack Mangold
By Sylvia Plimack Mangold

An in-depth look into the creation of an etching and aquatint

Artist’s Project: Colter Jacobsen
By Colter Jacobsen

Eight “memory drawings” inspired by Esopus readers’ photographs

Artist’s Project: Xylor Jane
By Xylor Jane

A calendar clock (a 21" x 30" removable poster) and the formula for its use

Artist’s Project: Fernando Bryce
By Fernando Bryce

Pages and covers of Américas magazine revisited in brush and ink

Artist’s Project: Mary Ellen Carroll
By Mary Ellen Carroll

Portraits from the New York-based conceptualist’s “You and We” series

Artist’s Project: Richard Misrach
By Richard Misrach

The California photographer creates a stunning removable poster for Esopus readers.

Artist’s Project: Edward Ruscha
By Edward Ruscha

A series of altered book covers by the acclaimed Los Angeles–based artist

Artist’s Project: Shanan Kurtz
By Shanan Kurtz

“All the Eyes Are Mine,” a selection of digitally modified found photographs

Artist’s Project: Ati Maier
By Ati Maier

“See It Loud,” a removable poster created for Esopus readers

Artist’s Project: Mark Keffer
By Mark Keffer

Form and function merge in this series of altered maps.

Artist's Project: Andrea Deszó
By Andrea Dezsó

A child’s memories of her grandmother are refracted through the prism of a rich imagination.

Artist’s Project: Jenny Holzer
By Jenny Holzer

These recently declassified ”Memoranda,” selected by the artist, must see the light of day.

Artist’s Project: David Scher
By David Scher

“Into the Green,” a suite of drawings from spring 2003

Artist’s Project: William Christenberry
By William Christenberry

The noted artist revisits a structure from his native Hale County, Alabama.

Artist’s Project: Hilary Lloyd
By Hilary Lloyd

A series of 16 photographs by the British artist

Artist’s Project: Chris Doyle
By Chris Doyle

Drawings from the artist’s “Untitled House” series

Artist’s Project: Beth Campbell
By Beth Campbell

“My Potential Future Based on Present Circumstances (6/29/03)”

Artist’s Project: Richard Tuttle
By Richard Tuttle

The result of an encounter with a found object provided by Esopus

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