Artist’s Project: Noriko Ambe
Nagisa – At the Edge of the Sea

An intricate paper sculpture for Esopus readers

Artist’s Project: Paolo Arao
Flagettes, 2018

Flagettes, 2018

Artist’s Project: John Edmonds
By John Edmonds

Stunning photographs by the Brooklyn-based artist

Artist’s Project: Elizabeth Ferry
By Elizabeth Ferry

A new angle on the magazine pinup

Artist's Project: Tina Barney
By Tina Barney

The acclaimed photographer mines a 1983 short film for this project

Artist's Project: Anish Kapoor
By Anish Kapoor

A photographic series by the world-renowned artist

Artist’s Project: Tony Tasset
By Tony Tasset

Me and My Arrow, 2017

Artist’s Project: Jane and Louise Wilson
By Jane and Louise Wilson

Imperial Measure, 2017

Artist’s Project: Carlos Amorales
By Carlos Amorales

Score for Talking Ocarinas

Artist’s Project: Hayden Dunham
By Hayden Dunham

MELT D|D OWN, 2017


By Hayden Dunham

Artist’s Project: Ted Barker
By Ted Barker

legacy, 2017

Artist’s Project: Marco Maggi
By Marco Maggi

Drawing Set, 2017

Artist’s Project: Marilyn Minter
By Marilyn Minter

Spray On, 2016

Artist’s Project: Mickalene Thomas
By Mickalene Thomas

Together, 2016

Artist’s Project: Chuck Kelton
By Chuck Kelton

Views, Not From a Window, 2016

Artist’s Project: Karo Akpokiere
By Karo Akpokiere

Es gibt kein Leben ohne Liebe, 2016

Artist’s Project: Jody Wood
By Jody Wood

Malleable Properties of Care, 2016

Artist’s Project: Stefan Kürten
By Stefan Kürten

Perfect World, 2016

Artist’s Project: Fred Tomaselli
By Fred Tomaselli

Chemical Celestial Portraits, Series 2, 2014

Artist’s Project: Melissa Meyer
By Melissa Meyer

Duets, 2015

Artist’s Project: Martin Wilner
By Martin Wilner

The Singles, 2013–15

Artist’s Project: Nina Katchadourian
By Nina Katchadourian

The Hospital, and other medical thrillers, 2015

Artist’s Project: Teresa Matas
By Teresa Matas

Arte Terapéutico, 2015

Artist’s Project: William Villalongo
With poetry by Nicole Sealey

Anatomy of a Muse, 2015 (with poetry by Nicole Sealey)

Artist’s Project: Leslie Wayne
By Leslie Wayne

"11 Ways to Start the Day," 2014

Artist’s Project: Stephen Eichhorn
By Stephen Eichhorn

“Cat Sampler,” 2014

Artist’s Project: Thomas Nozkowski
By Thomas Nozkowski

“Near the Little Stony Kill,” 2014

Artist’s Project: Penny McCarthy
By Penny McCarthy

“Time Will Darken Paper,” 2014

Artist's Project: Mark Dion
By Mark Dion

Curated images from the archives of the American Museum of Natural History

Artist's Project: D. James Dee
By D. James Dee

An art photographer trains his expert eye on his own oeuvre.

Artist's Project: Barbara Bloom
By Barbara Bloom

A re-presentation of the artist's 2013 Jewish Museum exhibition

Artist’s Project: Sharon Core
By Sharon Core

“1685–1891” (with removable insert)

Artist’s Project: John Sparagana
By John Sparagana

“Untitled,” 2013 (with removable poster)

Artist’s Project: Joyce Pensato
By Joyce Pensato

“Untitled,” 2013 (with removable poster)

Artist’s Project: Bryan Nash Gill
By Bryan Nash Gill

Artifacts from the artist’s 2012 installation at Esopus Space

Artist’s Project: Mary Lum
By Mary Lum

Die-cut collages depicting the urban landscape—and its effects on those who traverse it.

Artist’s Project: Bill Burns
By Bill Burns

“Storyboards for Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Told in the Form of Ivan the Terrible,” 2012

Artist’s Project: Alyson Shotz
By Alyson Shotz; with Priyamvada Natarajan and Satyan L. Devadoss

For “Triple Infinity,” Shotz takes three different approaches to the subject of infinity.

Artist’s Project: Thomas Lawson
By Thomas Lawson

“United Against Tyranny,” 2011

Artist’s Project: Adam Chodzko
By Adam Chodzko

A journey to one page

Artist’s Project: Roland Flexner
By Roland Flexner

“LG Suite”: 18 mesmerizing drawings based on the Japanese art of suminagashi

Artist’s Project: Alix Pearlstein
By Alix Pearlstein

Images related to a participatory performance project at Esopus Space

Artist’s Project: Kathe Burkhart
By Kathe Burkhart

A woman wrote love letters to the artist’s great aunt, and Burkhart replied—in her aunt’s voice.

Artist’s Project: Johan Grimonprez
By Johan Grimonprez

“Skyjacker’s Series”: a set of stills from the artist’s film dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y

Artist’s Project: Alex Bag
By Alex Bag

Two parodic commercial storyboards created for multinational companies

Artist’s Project: Dara Birnbaum
By Dara Birnbaum

Stills from one channel of the 1990 video-installation Tiananmen Square: Break-In Transmission.

Artist’s Project: Marcia Kure
By Marcia Kure

“Dressed Up”: A series of collages comparing hip-hop and Victorian sartorial cultures

Artist’s Project: Roxy Paine
By Roxy Paine

Sixteen drawings by the acclaimed artist explore dendritic systems (with removable poster)

Artist’s Project: Barbara Probst
By Barbara Probst

A series of photographs whose subjects occur in the same split-second of time

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