Modern Artifacts 18: The Young Turks
Introduction by Michelle Elligott

Materials from the MoMA Archives related to the Museum's vital Junior Council

Timothy Leary: A User's Manual
Introduction by Jensen Davis

Psychedelic Prayers by the countercultural legend

Public Access 2: Half-Explored Trails
Introduction by Isaac Gewirtz

Fascinating materials from the Vladimir Nabokov archive at the NYPL

Circles of Friendship
Introduction by Elizabeth C. Denlinger

An exquisite object from the New York Public Library’s Pforzheimer Collection

Modern Artifacts 17: Modern Renaissance
Introduction by Michelle Elligott

Materials related to 1940 MoMA blockbuster

Modern Artifacts 16: The Living Garden
Introduction by Michelle Elligott

Materials from the MoMA Archives relating to its sculpture garden

Found Objects: Here I Am
From the collection of Peter Cohen

These anonymous photographs are all about me—and us.

Modern Artifacts 15: The Healing Arts
Introduction by Michelle Elligott

Materials related to MoMA’s “Arts in Therapy” program for WW II vets

Art for Art’s Sake: Sketchbook by Otto Mühl
From the Getty Research Institute

A transgressive figure finds inspiration in a surprising source

Editor's Note
By Tod Lippy

Introducing our largest issue, devoted to personal and institutional archives

Floating Colors
Interview with Dick Sheaff

Exquisite marbled papers from the Sheaff Paper Ephemera Collection

Modern Artifacts 13: Seitz Specific
Introduction by Michelle Harvey

Re-locating the work of Claude Monet

Between the Lines
Interview with Rich Remsberg

Used coloring book pages from the collection of Rich Remsberg

81 Cassettes
Interview with Janine St. Germain

Tape recordings from the Christopher Knowles Archives

Heads and Shoulders
Introduction by Jessica Harris

Postcards from the collection of Jessica Harris

Just Vitriol
Interview with Toby Mott

Thatcher-Era ephemera from The Mott Collection

Interview with Carol McCranie and Javier Magri

Stephen Sprouse materials from the McCranie/Magri Archives

Artist's Project: Mark Dion
By Mark Dion

Curated images from the archives of the American Museum of Natural History

Artist's Project: D. James Dee
By D. James Dee

An art photographer trains his expert eye on his own oeuvre.

Artist's Project: Barbara Bloom
By Barbara Bloom

A re-presentation of the artist's 2013 Jewish Museum exhibition

Modern Artifacts 12: From Body to Object
Introduction by Michelle Elligott

Materials from MoMA related to Scott Burton's performances

Found Object: Spliced Duck
Recovered by Rich Remsberg

Esopus regular Remsburg found this anonymous collage in a shop in Readsboro, VT, in 2004.

Modern Artifacts 11: Creating “Spaces”
Introduction by Michelle Elligott

Material related to a groundbreaking 1969 exhibition

Modern Artifacts 10: Rent to Own
Introduction by Michelle Elligott

Never-before-seen materials related to the Museum’s discontinued Art Lending Service

Found Object: Optical Allusions
Recovered by Rich Remsberg

Rebus puzzles found in a bound volume of a Victorian-era children’s magazine

Yesterday’s Mail
Mail art by Ray Johnson; interview with Robert Warner

A treasure trove of mail art sent by artist Ray Johnson to optician/artist Robert Warner

Found Object: All Thumbs
By Scott Daniel Ellison

Anonymous photographs of people who keep raccoons as pets

Modern Artifacts 9: One and the Same
Introduction by Michelle Elligott

Documents detailing an important opening and radio broadcast by FDR from the MoMA archives.

Episode 124: The Makings of a Meltdown
Interview with Norman Lear by Claire Barliant

Documents relating to a seminal episode of “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”

Modern Artifacts 8: The Art of Broadcasting
Introduction by Michelle Elligott

This installment of the joint series with MoMA’s archives concerns MoMA’s relationship with TV.

In Memoriam: Extra Buttons
Introduction by Ellen Ellickson; insert created by Nadia Wagner

Librarian Marjorie G. Wynne applied her archiving talents to more than just rare books.

Modern Artifacts 6: States of Grace
Introduction by Michelle Elligott

Materials from MoMA’s archives relating to painter Grace Hartigan

For Your Reconsideration: Jim Henson’s Youth ’68
By Jim Henson

Documents relating to a forgotten 1968 film by the Muppets creator

Modern Artifacts 5: Early Registration
Introduction by Michelle Elligott

A selection of pages from the Museum of Modern Art’s first guest book, many reproduced here for the first time

Modern Artifacts 4: Drawing Comparisons
Introduction by Michelle Elligott

Sketches by former MoMA director René d’Harnoncourt presented with the MoMA archives

Found Object: Stalag Journal
Introduction by John Limon

An American P.O.W.’s diary from World War II, discovered posthumously by his son

Modern Artifacts 3: Tentative and Confidential
Introduction by Michelle Elligott

Documentation of a secret WW2–era MoMA project, referred to by insiders as “Exhibition X”

Found Object: Collective Struggles
Recovered by Steve Weyl

A letter discovered in 1975 in a hiding place beneath a cottage in Palo Alto, CA

Modern Artifacts 2: “Dear Miss Miller…”
Introduction by Michelle Elligott

Correspondence between two legends: artist James Lee Byars and curator Dorothy Miller

Modern Artifacts 1
Introduction by Michelle Elligott

A selection of Alfred H. Barr, Jr.’s papers from MoMA’s archives

Tiny Book of Smokes
By David Greenberger

This trip down memory lane was guided only by cigarette burns.

Alex Shear’s Object Lesson #5
By Alex Shear

Collector Alex Shear offers yet another object from his collection of American ephemera

In Memoriam
By Al Sutherland; recovered by Donald Traver

A found collection of epitaphs composed by monument builder Al Sutherland

Alex Shear’s Object Lesson #4
By Alex Shear

A facsimile of a Vietnam-era license plate (removable insert) with striking contemporary resonances

Yours Very Truly
Recovered by Steven Heller

These letters, found at a flea market in Massachusetts, are a study in rejection and tenacity.

Alex Shear’s Object Lesson #3
By Alex Shear

A 17" x 22" removable poster wryly commemorates the 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear accident.

Tricks of the Trade
Recovered by Michael Rohatyn

This 1957 entertainer’s gag book was recovered from a Santa Monica yard sale.

Alex Shear’s Object Lesson #2
By Alex Shear

An assortment of gun-shaped objects (yes, that’s a hair dryer) on a 17” x 32” poster

Found Objects
Recovered by Johnny Brewton

Treasures from the estate sale of a San Francisco vice cop

Alex Shear’s Object Lesson #1
By Alex Shear

A line-up of soda bottles that shamelessly echo the original 7-Up logo (removable poster)